Now offering Mindful and Behavior Practices to Parents: 


           We are a Team of Mindfulness-Based, Fun-Loving, Independent Professional      Consultants and Therapists serving Families & Educators who have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Diverse Ability

                     Providing Independent Services to Support                   Children,Teens,Young Adults, Caregivers & Educators :
*Autism Education, Consultation & Resources*
*Behavior Education & Support* 
*Mindfulness-Based Mentoring* 
*Reiki Therapy*
Workshops Coming Soon! 
                           If you have any of the following Concerns, we are here to Support You!  

                                              "My child may be exhibiting signs or symptoms of Autism”                                                                     “My child has just been diagnosed with Autism...We need Support"
For any parent or educator, thinking about or hearing that your child/student may be showing symptoms or has been diagnosed with autism can be a time of grief, confusion, and frustration. As overwhelmed as you may be feeling, our consultation services are available to lend support to the limitless questions and concerns that surround the initial uncertainties related to your child's or student's symptoms or initial diagnosis of (ASD)

               "My young/teen/adult child is not getting the appropriate supports and services                                                               he/she needs or is entitled - We need Guidance!"                                                                                               We assist in navigating you through the autism maze, regardless of your child's age or placement on the  spectrum. It is our intention to provide you with an inclusive and individualized support program that empowers you to best advocate and support your child through his journey in order to maximize his fullest potential.

"As a Parent, I feel Overwhelmed, Stressed, Confused. I need Support"
We offer a Mindfulness-Based support so you can freely express not only questions, concerns and feelings surrounding your child’s symptoms or diagnosis of autism, but also how you and your family are dealing with your own thoughts and feelings. Allowing opportunity for self-reflection and self-care are essential steps in being able stay emotionally healthy and connected to yourself, your family and child, as well as the outer world.  

"The Services that my child are currently receiving are not meeting his/her needs 
                                        or are not enough to maximize his/her potential"                                             
We provide quality and integrative social-relational-behavior t
herapy, independent of agencies and other institutions to support existing and future home, school and community goals. We are a team of non-judgmental, present, creative, fun-loving individuals, educated and experienced in Integrative approaches to Autism and Diverse Abilities. Our intentions are to maximize your child's and family's  learning experiences through positive supports and collaborative efforts. We strive to maximally include and train/support the Family as an Inclusive           unit as each is part of the whole.                                                                                   

If our services interest you, please call for an initial 15-minute complimentary telephone consultation for you to get to know us and what we do. If you see the benefit of how these services can help you, then we can set up an in-depth telephone or face-to-face appointment to answer the questions and concerns focused on your family and child’s unique needs and circumstances.



                        Contact us:
   Nina Bhatty, M.Ed  | 
nina@autismuniverse.net   |   (925) 389-8999