• Our Intention is to provide excellent consultation and coaching service to clients, with the dedication of five underlying principles: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Mindfulness, Integrity & Quality.

  • Behavior Education & Programs to individuals and their families with Social-Relational challenge
  • Autism Education & Consultation: 
      • Autism Awareness & Responder Awareness
      • Screening & Diagnosis 
      • Early Intervention, Special Education, Transition, Employment  
      • Accessing Appropriate Services, Funding, Regional Center, Insurance
      • Evidence-Based & Effective Treatment/Interventions & Functions
      • Disability Rights/Laws - IDEA, DREDF, Lanterman's Act, IEP/504
      • Abundant Resources - local, state-wide, nationwide
  • Mindfulness-Based Mentoring - parents, educators and mental health (and other) professionals
  • Reiki & Well-Being Services and Support
  • Our goal is to provide a Road-map, Services and Supports toward Reducing or Recovering ASD symptoms interfering with typical daily living & increasing Whole Family Well-Being.  

5% of Profits will be donated to The Friend Tree: CAST, Healing the Children
and/or other Charity/Non-Profit Organizations in the SF Bay Area